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Toolsharp Engineering is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of a range of valves for many industries.
Our unique design, the “Shearseal” Knife Gate Valve, is rugged and dependable and we believe stronger than any of its competitors.
Situated in Bayswater, Victoria we have a modern and well equipped industrial plant to manufacture our products which can be tailored to suit varying applications.

from the factory

  • Piped up Air Cylinders
  • Our top works and Air Cylinders
  • Poly Urethane Lined to protect from the sludge
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About us

Toolsharp Engineering began in 1969, Started off by Douglas Down when he was straight out RMIT and his apprenticeship at Suttons Tools and Gauges. Soon after the creation of Toolsharp Engineering it because a family run business, Doug's father, his Wife, Brother in-law and Nephew all making up the Toolsharp Engineering Structure. First starting with Toolmaking.
From 1972 til Present we started Truck part manufactouring for International (Currently Iveco) Trucks and Kenworth Trucks.
Valve manufacturing began in the late 1970's and still thrives, Our valve "Shearseal" was created and perfected and has been nurtured and engineering into something that we here at Toolsharps are very proud of. Our Shearseal Knife Gate Valves offer real solutions for abrasive, corrosive, and critical containment applications within many of Australia’s Industries, although our main industry is Australia’s Mining Industry.
We consider our Shearseal Valve to be one of the best Knife Gate Valves in the Market, It is Rugged and Dependable, and has proven it’s self time and time again, in out lasting many of its rivals, who seem to “buckle” under pressure. With our higher “tested” KPa ratings and its ability to withstand against the high mineral sludge and slurry for longer periods of time.

Around our factory

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Contact us

Contact us at Toolsharps. Drop Toolsharps a line and we'll gladly get back to you with any enquiries that you have.

3 Elsum Ave
Bayswater, Vic

Phone: 03 9729 2911
Fax: 9729 5455